Why Dentists in Clinton Feel Filling Option Can Enhance Oral Health Maintenance?

A regular visit to the dentist is often taken into consideration for maintaining the oral health, and a cavity is what traumatizes every human being. However, the medical world has gone under subsequent development, and the number of cavities and requirement for the fillings have even decreased. According to the American Dental Association, people are getting more aware of the dental health, and with the help of the best dentists in Clinton MD, taking the best care of the teeth is no more a big deal. However, cavities still happen, and there are more options for the type of fillings that one might choose.


This is by far the most popular of all filling options that are available in the market, and it is indeed considered to be the most classic of all options. Most of the dentists have preferred using this type of filling, and most surprisingly, this is being used for more than 150 years. As the time frame gives a basic idea of the popularity of the filling, even the name suggests that it contains a composite mixture of metals. Generally, the basic constituents are 50 percent of Mercury, and the remaining 50 percent consists of Tin, Copper, Silver or Zinc. As they are the most affordable of all the filling options that are available, they automatically earn their popularity.

Composite Filling

The composite tooth filling is generally made up of powdered glass and the acrylic resin which definitely has some advantages over the amalgam one. All these treatment options have one single objective, beautification of the teeth. And these composite filling have the advantage of matching the original shade of existing teeth of the person. People have always shown their preference of owning the natural smile, and matching these requirements, the composite feeling gains the popularity in the market.

However, the dentists claim that this type of filling is not the right choice always. When compared with amalgam, the materials that are being used in composite feeling are not as durable as the amalgam, and hence longevity is a key factor while choosing the composite fillings.

Gold Fillings

As far as the dental fillings are concerned, nothing can ever do better than Gold, as it has proved to be the most durable of all options in the market. American Dental Association and dentists all across the world have claimed that the average duration of the Gold fillings is two decades, and this gives confidence to both the dentists and even the patients. Obviously durability and quality material doesn’t come for free, and this is by far one of the costliest dental fillings available. Even they are the indirect ones, and hence, time is a big factor as well.


In some of the critical conditions, even kids find cavities due to unhealthy habits and eating junk foods as well. For them, the resin or glass ionomer fillings is what the pediatric dentists favor the most. However, choice of right filling is a critical decision to make and experts advice must be taken prior at hand.