Diet Changes you Can Make to Avoid IBS Problems

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is an ailment which affects a great many people around the World, there is no cure for it but with a careful diet, you can minimize the symptoms. I have suffered from IBS for as long as I can remember and it wasn’t until I met the incredible Lisa Marie Cannon, a specialist in IBS management, that I began making changes in my life to avoid my IBS going to crazy. Part of my change was dietary and the other part was a reduction in my stress levels, today we are going to focus on the changes that you should making to your diet of you have IBS. The dietary changes win’t eliminate your problem but they will go a long way to reducing how often you suffer with problems as a result of your IBS.

Things to Cut Out

It is an unfortunate truth that many of life’s most delicious foods, are also the ones which can cause us the  most problems when it comes to IBS, such is life. It may be difficult to cut tasty things out of your life but when you consider the damage which they will cause you later on, it will be more than worth eliminating them from your diet. There will be some IBS triggers that will be individual to you and you will need to try and discover what these are in order to cut them out of your life. Despite this, there are some very common triggers that need to go and here is the list of culprits.

– Bread

– Dairy products, cheese being one of the most important to remove

– Processed foods, chips and cookies, time to go

– Fried and fatty foods

– Coffee

– Alcohol

– Breads and foods with refined grains

– High protein foods

After cutting these out of your life you amy feel that there is not much left that you can actually eat but don’t worry, there are lots of alternatives out there for all of the above foods. You amy be able to slowly introduce a little of each of the above to your diet but be sure to do so in very small measures.

Constipation Relief

The diet change is not all about cutting things out and you can also be adding things to your diet which will help you to beat the constipation that is caused through IBS. In order to alleviate your constipation you should be looking at eating foods which have a lot of the sugar substitute sorbitol, you can also add things like prunes and dried plums. You should also be looking to significantly increase your fiber intake in order to help your constipation and men should be eating 38 grams per day and women 25 grams per day. Finally you could also try to eat some ground flaxseed, this will minimize your problems and help your stomach and bowel to function better

It may not be too pleasant but making these changes to your diet can really help you to overcome many of the problems that IBS will cause you.