How to Deal with Nickel Allergy Caused by Jewelry

Did you know that men were the first people to practice ear piercing? The culture of ear piercings can be traced to the pre-biblical times. However, the art has now being taken up by both men and women and is seen as a way of passing a socio-cultural statement. Despite the cultural significance placed on ear piercing, it comes along with many risks that have been known to cause serious and major complications. While the worst that can happen in the case of an earring complication is the loss of the ear, some people have lost their lives due to the infection that follows the complication. This, on the other hand, has led to the introduction of medical plastic earrings to curb these complications.

Nickel Allergy
Many people especially women cannot wear earrings because of a condition called nickel allergy. Nickel is the silver-colored material that is used to make jewelry. For people experiencing this condition, their bodies confuse and view the substance as an intruder. The immune system of the person wearing the jewelry responds by producing chemicals that will be used to fight the nickel. Like other cases of mistaken identity in the body, an allergic reaction occurs causing the itching of the skin. The end results are blisters and redness on your skin.

In the United States alone, the people under the age of 18 experiencing nickel allergy is overwhelming. 36 percent of women population experience this allergy while 16 percent of men experience the allergy. The bad thing about this allergy is that it does not go away ones its manifests itself. This has led to Blomdahl USA designing medical plastic earrings. You can look into their products by visiting

Symptoms of Nickel Allergy include dry patches on the skin, redness on the skin, bumps or skin rashes as well as itching and blisters. Severe cases of nickel allergy lead to a condition called dermatitis that is characterized by severe itching and fluid filled blisters. Rare symptoms of complex conditions include sneezing, runny nose, asthma and nasal inflammation.

Blomdahl USA makes its products using quality materials and skin-friendly products to reduce this allergy. The firm makes use of modern clean room technology for its products. Blomdahl USA also utilizes medical grade materials in the production of its products. For this purpose, the firm utilizes medical grade titanium and medical plastic in the production process.

Dealing with nickel allergy
Like earlier mentioned, the best way to avoid nickel allergy is staying away from nickel products. However, use can use a hydrocortisone cream as well as antihistamine pills to treat minor cases of nickel allergy. For severe cases, doctors use steroid cream that can be taken orally. If you are not sure about the kind of allergy you are experiencing, you can visit a dermatologist who will carry a skin patch test on your skin. This may take 48 hours do determine whether you are allergic to jewelry. Blomdahl USA does not specialize with earring only. They also deal with necklaces and bracelets.