5 time saving kitchen hacks

    1. Tear, don’t slice.

Rather than taking the time to slice your food in preparation (from mushroom to herbs and everything inbetween), why not tear them apart. Not only does this save time, it creates less washing with no chopping board or knife to dirty, and you get lovely textured chunks in your meal.

2     Peel potatoes with water

Use a knife to score a full circle around each potato, just under the skin, proceed to cook them in boiling water. Drain the hot potatoes and run them under cold water – the skin will now simply peel off!

3     Use Prep containers

This is one of the simplest hacks on this list, but also one of the best. If you’re planning your food for the week ahead, or you have some free time before you start cooking, sort your ingredients into airtight food containers. Just having readily mixed ingredients to hand can be a huge timesaver.

4     Use “cheat sheets”

Print off conversions or simple recipes and use blue tack to adhere them to the inside of cupboard doors. Something so simple can save a huge amount of time, even if it is simply ensuring you do not have to wash your hands to look at your phone or tablet.

5     Clean the grill

Take some paper towel and pour on some cooking oil. Bundle up this paper towel inside some aluminium. Screw up the whole ensemble into a ball, poking some holes through the aluminium.

This device can then be scraped along your grill, the foil will remove any black char, and the oil that seeps through the holes will grease your pan at the same time.

6      Plan Ahead

Use Sunday evenings to take stock of what food you already have in, and plan your meals around these. Not only will this save you time when you are trying to think of what to eat on an empty stomach at 5pm, but you can also save the pennies by making use of the food you’ve got in.

So that is our 6 favourite tips for saving time in the kitchen, from airtight food containers to grill cleaning hacks and planning ahead. If you are willing to think outside the box and put in a little preparation, you really can save hours each week on what would once have been laborious tasks, give them a go and let us know what you think in the comments.