Marijuana Dependency

Marijuana addiction is not all that common amongst users but the dependency factory is. Addiction and dependency do differ, although many people are confused by it. Addiction is where you want something or your body craves it. When you are dependent, you feel like you can’t go without it because it is always on your mind. It almost robs you of your mind and freedom without enjoying yourself. It can also have a withdrawal process but it’s usually very short lived.

Being dependent on cannabis can usually stem from smoking at a much younger age. Starting young gives the body less time to form your brain completely before it is introduced to outside sources. Starting young can also give your brain the habit to form smoking at such a young age. The University of Washington has estimated that about 1 in 10 people who try marijuana usually get dependent on it at some point in their lives.

How to know if you’re dependent?

It’s not hard to know if you’re dependent on it and the longer you keep the issue up, the more people will notice. Long time users will experience this more often and in reality, they can only know if they need help or don’t.

One of the first experiences that should open your eyes to this is the tolerance to marijuana getting higher. At this point you smoke more than before, to attain the level you did with a lesser amount. Another eye opener is trying to stop smoking weed and failing. You keep wanting to put it down for a little bit, whether it’s a tolerance break, a drug test coming up or just not feeling it anymore but you can’t. You go and buy some more then tell yourself, this is the last time.

Giving up activities or events that you once enjoyed and participated in should not be overlooked. This is a case of amotivational syndrome and it usually happens to people who smoke. You know when parents would tell you that pot makes you lazy and not care? Well there is a bit of truth to it when you’re a daily user.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Marijuana withdrawal symptoms are not as bad as you hear people talk about or even as bad as other drugs. Drugs like heroin can really do some damage when it comes to withdrawal but for marijuana it’s much less. You will experience some discomfort but nothing that will last longer than a few days.

Lack of appetite is a noticeable symptom you get. When you smoke you tend to be hungry and want to eat more food. When you stop smoking, your body automatically suppresses its hungry. Finding it hard to sleep for the first couple of nights will be another one. Your body isn’t as lethargic as before so you have more energy in your body. You might also notice a bit of agitation or short tempers at time. Your body is more mindful and alert of your surroundings. This causes your body to be more snappy and can even put you in a damper mood.