Some best instructions that show when To Start Birth Control without any hesitation


It is very easy to say that having sexual desire but not having any intention to have a baby. Today, mostly the modern women are likely to know when to start birth control because they are not ready for it. For the past many years the usage of birth control pills has changed the life of many individual women. Who usually gets fewer hormones and there are also no side effects of it. If you happen to be using little oral contraceptive pills then can put your life in jeopardy and health at high risks where some women might get some benefits from it by having lighter periods and reducing the anemia risk and less menstrual cramps as well.

For some of you who don’t know that birth control pills likely to carry some health risks if you are more than 30 years old or smoke too much or have some medical condition like breast or blood clots cancer. Then you are being advised not to take them because birth control pills may not protect you from the sexually transmitted diseases like HIV or AIDS.

Having said that below we have summarized the real facts about some best instructions that shows when to start birth control without any hesitation to help you understand what are the birth control pills, how much they are effective in order to prevent pregnancy, when is the right time you should be using them, and why you have to take them in the first place. People who have appendix problems or what side is your appendix on will not be allowed to take these pills without doctor consult.

  • What are the birth control pills?

For many of you who not know that birth control pills are medicines that are used to prevent pregnancy and makes periods lighter. They have two hormones one is called estrogen, and other is called progestin. Taking these pills everyday can prevent ovaries who release the egg each month.

  • How much are they useful to prevent pregnancy?

If you are thinking ‘’can I start my birth control any day’’ it is very imperative that women may have to take the pills for at least one year. Meaning you don’t need to have your doubts it will be 95% effective in preventing pregnancy. If only you take the pills correctly and consistently.

  • When is the right time you should be using them?

There are various ways that you can start your first pack of birth control pills, but before that, you should talk to your doctor as well. Here are some instructions,

1) Take your first medicine pill as soon as possible when you start the day and then take the next follow it for seven days

2) If you happen to take pill on Sunday then so you do not have periods then follow the same steps for almost 15 days

  • Why have you to take them in the first place?

After knowing about when to start birth control, you don’t need to hesitate any. Because this decision is entirely up to you and eventually with this, you can monitor the population accordingly as well. You can follow more things on healthandcaretips blog.