What to Expect from Body Contouring Service

If you have booked yourself in for body contouring surgery with a clinic like Sono Bello, it is likely that you are feeling incredibly excited. People tend to have this surgery after they have lost a lot of weight, and it is like the final icing on the cake. And it is good to feel excited for this, because you have worked very hard to get where you are. However, at the same time, you have to be realistic about what to expect from the procedure. Luckily, results from this type of surgery tend to be very good.

What to Expect

Body contouring surgery is still a surgical procedure, and this means it has limitations and possibly side effects. Most people have this type of surgery because they have a lot of excess skin. However, the reality is that removing this skin can only be achieve by leaving a lot of scars. Generally, body contouring surgery is not a single procedure, but rather a combination of multiple procedures, and this means that you could end up with scars on various parts of your body. It also tends to take between six months to a year before you will truly know what your scars will look like for life.

The second thing you must understand is that the recovery period from body contouring surgery can be quite long. One of the reasons for this is because you are likely to either have multiple procedures at the same time, which means your body takes a greater toll, or because you will have many surgeries over a longer period of time, which means you have to start and stop regularly. With body contouring, you will likely have stitches and drains, some of which will have to be removed by a nurse and others that will dissolve. All of it, however, takes time and you need to allow your body to recover properly. It is likely that you will be home for at least two weeks, and you should attempt a phased return to work or other regular activities after that. If you overdo it, there is a chance that you could reopen your wounds.

Finally, plastic surgery is not permanent. You must live a healthy lifestyle if you are to maintain your weight loss, even if you have had body contouring. There is also very little you can do against the effects of aging. So, eventually, your skin will start to sag somewhat again, because that is simply what happens as we age.

Don’t let any of this put you off, however. Body contouring surgery has transformed people’s lives, making them feel beautiful once again. However, it is important to be realistic, so that you don’t set yourself up for disappointment. Work closely together with your surgical team, and make sure you listen to your surgeon’s advice when it comes to how to look after yourself before, during, and after the procedure, and you will see the best results.