Cracking The Weight Loss Exercise Code

Are you following a strict exercise regime for a long time? Are your efforts not paying off? Spending hours at the gym and not able to see evident weight loss results can definitely be painful. This simply means there is something that you need to change about yourself. To help you out here, I am with some secrets that will help you achieve your weight loss goals and shed those extra pounds.

Stick to your goals: You are doing all this to lose weight, right? So, first of all, you should make sure that your calorie intake is less than what you burn out in a single day. Achieving this energy balance equation is very important when you go for any weight loss program. So to get that equation you need to know your TDEE first. TDEE is the Total Daily Energy Expenditure- in simple terms it is the amount of energy you utilize in a day. You can easily calculate your TDEE online.

Stop pampering yourself: There are a number of people who spend hours in the gym but, see no evident weight loss results. A number of studies carried out on weight loss suggest that people refill the amount of burn out calories simply by consuming more. The main reason behind it can be the increased appetite that a person experiences after exercising. So beware of those cravings and divert yourself into healthy eating or else all your efforts will go in vain.

Do you need sports drinks? Sports drinks are often taken by the people to replenish the body with important sugar and salts that are lost during sweating. Once you have them, it will bring up the used up nutrient level back to normal. This will help you continue your weight loss exercises afresh. But, a good number of sports drinks also come with carbohydrates and this means they have calories. So unless and until it becomes necessary for you to have them, it would be better to go for electrolyte drinks with zero calories or simply opt for water.

Weight loss exercise is not all about gym: When it comes to burning calories, simply moving yourself can also help you burn them down. So it is not at all necessary to join the gym, you can even opt for other activities like walking down the street, taking stairs, doing gardening, cleaning house, etc. The logic behind any physical activity is that it should increase your heart beat as well as make your muscles move. Moreover, such kind of activities will not increase your appetite and so the chances of consuming more calories is nearly low.

Don’t forget the visceral fat: Our body stores two types of fat in the body. One is the subcutaneous fat, which is stored just beneath the layer of the skin. The fat we see and experience is the subcutaneous fat. The other one that we don’t see is the visceral fat. It is present around the organs in our body. This is dangerous as it poses a threat to the different organs. Based on the lifestyle, genetics and body structure, people have fat deposits at different places in the body. When we start exercising, our body first burns out the visceral fat and so people get disappointed when they don’t see visible results during the early days at the gym.

Avoid the scales: The moment when you start losing weight, your muscle starts building up. Now you must know that muscles weigh more and so you should not get disheartened if you find the numbers rising on the scale. You can get the exact results of your fat and muscle weight by going for body composition scales. Making efforts to build muscles will even help you burn down calories as you will start losing fat.

Remember that exercise and diet go hand in hand. So if you want to lose weight, make sure you control diet along with your activities in the gym. There is no meaning in spending hours at the gym and at the end eating a poor diet that will build up calories. You could also try diet meal plan coupons available online like nutrisystem coupons at TheDietSuggestions. So in simple terms, stay active, eat right and check your calorie intake.